Synchronizer for Outlook Express allows to you synchronize message database on two or more computers. 30 days free trial period. Low cost solution from $9.95 to $29.95 per license. Money back guarantee.

People says: I have a POP3 email account which I use with Outlook Express. I have a Notebook and a Desktop at home. I download my emails onto Outlook Express at the office onto my Notebook. Because I haven't found a way to sychronize Outlook Express between the two computers, I am forced to send and receive emails only on my Notebook. This can be very frustrating. Is there anyway to share Outlook Express between two computers? Alternatively, is there any email software that will allow this synchronization between two computers?
We says: Yes! Now you can share Outlook Express between two or more computers. Synchronizer for Outlook Express allows to you share message database on several computers. To start synchronize just run our synchronizer on first computer. After run synchronizer on second computer. Thats all!
People says: When I use Outlook Express on my laptop on my home wireless LAN I wish to use a common store folder with my main PC so that all my messages are together and available to both PCs. I am unable to set the store folder for the laptop to the mapped drive on the desktop.
We says: No problem: Synchronizer for Outlook Express can store message database to any drive such as flash or mapped.
People says: Does anyone know of a good way to keep email syncronized between a desktop and a laptop (preferably using Outlook Express)? I'm using an ISP for email, so using an IMAP or Exchange server isn't really an option for me. I've tried Googling this issue, but I can't seem to find a product that does this.
We says:You should use our Synchronizer for Outlook Express. It has 30 days free trial period. Our synchronizer is best solution for share Outlook Express folders.
People says: Then set your mail client on the desktop, Outlook Express or Outlook to use the mail folders on the laptop as the mail store. If you haven't done so yet make sure that you are using ethernet to connect between the two, and when you are using the desktop you won't even notice your mail is on the other machine. You will have to remember to back up your email store daily using your standard backup program, as laptops are hardly the safest of repositories, but you should be running a daily backup program anyway.
We says: This is not a good solution for sharing Outlook Express. Synchronizer for Outlook Expres compares message by message and store new messages to selected folder on disk. Due to this feature you can use our synchronizer to create backup copy of Outlook Express database.
People says: This setup is actually for my father. He has a small office (2 or 3 computers) and he recently bought a laptop. He uses Eartlink for his email, so going with an Exchange or IMAP server isn't really an option. He set up his laptop to check his email while he's on the road, but he wanted to find a way to keep his Outlook Express clients synchronized so that if he checks email on one machine it will be mirrored onto the other (although I think he wouldn't mind a solution that requires him to change email clients). The problem with telling OE to leave messages on the server is that some of his work-related mailing lists have enough traffic to cause him to exceed his quota very quickly.
We says: Our Synchronizer for Outlook Express allows you synchronize all messages by several seconds. You dont need to use imap or other internet connections for synchronization.
People says: Lets say me and my wife run a small business (home-based). Some travel is involved wherein I carry my laptop when on the field. I need access to all my emails/contacts/attachments/etc. When I am on the field, my wife is at home working on the desktop. She also needs access to all the email/contacts/attachments/etc. Also keep in mind that there is no option of Exchange Server or anything else that runs on a "server" since that comes at an additional cost. Over the past 2 years, I have accumulated nearly 0.5GB of email (w attachments) and I dont want all that sitting on some third-party server. I am surprised Microsoft couldnt include some utility within their product.
We says: Synchronizer for Outlook Express is low cost solution: from $9.95 to $29.95 per license. Money back guarantee. 30 days free trial period.
People say:
1. I have a laptop (win2000) that travels all the time. I have a desktop also running OE6 (XP Home).
2. The laptop and desktop are connected on a home network using Ethernet.
3. On both laptop and desktop I created a new folder called 'OE Sync' directly under the c drive (c:/OE Sync)
4. I made sure this folder on both machines was 'shared' enabled with the normal permissions.
5. I then went to OE on both machines 'tools-options-maintenance' and clicked 'Store Folder' I changed the folder to the created 'c:/OE Sync' folder
6. Close OE and then re-open OE so all the files can be moved by OE to the new stored folder. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT that the folder where the files are stored has the IDENTICAL pathway and name i.e. c:\ OE Sync or whatever name you choose.
7. Once done, simply utilise a synchronisation tool and sync the folders. The sync software will use the latest files on both. You can set the syncs software to automatically sync if you wish.
This works fine, and if you have not got an ethernet setup, will work with two PC's over a Direct Parralel connection also. The only downside I find is if the two OE are changed since the last sync. Then for example----- if you have sent/deleted/added contacts etc in the laptop at say 12.17 pm and done some other actions on the desktop at 13.22 pm and sync at 14.00pm, the changes done on the laptop will not be registered as the sync software will load the desktop files across to the laptop. But at the end of the day, this is what happens when you sync a PDA etc.
Does this help???
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