Favorites list

The Favorites list is used for storing the link of folders you might want to select to in the future. It saves you having to remember folders. Each favorite consists of a name for the folder, and its shortcut. A favorite is normally referred to by the name, which by default it the folder name.

Favorites menu

The Favorites menu allows you to navigate to a folder, add a favorite folder, and organise your favorites. The keystroke to open the menu is ALT + A. The first two items on the menu are Add to Favorites, and Organise Favorites, and these are described in the following two sections. The favorites list follows, in which each folder is a menu item. To go to a favorite folder, simply select the favorite and press ENTER. You can move around the Favorites menu using the first letter of a menu item.

Adding a folder to Favorites

To add the selected folder to your favorites, you can Press ALT + A to open the Favorites menu. Choose Add to Favorites..., which is the first item on the menu. The Add Favorite dialog box opens, and the first control is a an edit box for the folder name of the favorite. The next control is drop-down listbox with available shortcuts. You can then press ENTER to OK the dialog.

Organising your favourites

If you have a large number of favourites you may want to reorganise your folders. You can use the Organise Favourites dialog box, which is on the Favorites menu. In the dialog box you can change shortcuts or delete folder from favorites. Moreother you can change order folders in the Favorites.

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