The "Options" menu contains following commands:

" Editor " command show dialog box where you can change following parameters

  • Message editor: Built-in or external. If you click on message then the message editor will be opened with selected message. If value set in " Built-in " the new window of the Explorer for Outlook Express will be opened with message content. Otherwise if value set in the " External " the Outlook Express will open selected message
  • Delete "double returns" in the message body - this is mean what if message body has many empty lines then these empty lines wil be removed from message editor. It is very convenient if message have many empty lines. If this parameter will be set then empty lines will be removed.
  • To mark the citing by an italic font . When message body has citing text it can be mark by italic font. Separating original and citing text is very convenient.
  • Show message header . Sometimes you needs to view message header. This information is technical. In most cases you do not needs this. If it's parameter is set then "Header" tabsheet will be shown otherwise will be hidden.

" Advertisment filter " command show dialog box wwhich can help to you set Advertisment filter. Many email services adding Advertisments signatures to the email messages. The Explorer for Outlook Express can analyse message and remove Advertisments signatures. The Explorer for Outlook Express have special dictionary for filtering Advertisments. Dictionary contains samples of the Advertisment phrases. You can edit this dictionary. But one problem is existing: Advertisments signatures can be modified from message to message in the litle bounds. In these case coincide with dictionary has not be exactly. This problem has been solved in the Explorer for Outlook Express . To solve this problem Explorer for Outlook Express using Indistinct compare string algoritm. You can set level of the exact of the coincide with dictionary . For example 90% (default value) is meaning what lines equals on 90%. When conditional will be observed and line will be detected as Advertisment then it line will be removed from message editor.

  • Use advertisment filter if this flag checked then advertisment filter will be active otherwise will be deactivated.
  • Use special filter for standarts greetings if this flag checked then first lines with greetings will be removed. certainly if these greetings wil be founded. often standarts greetings has been generated email clients automaticly and my be contains several lines. Explorer for Outlook Express try find greetings in the first lines of the message body. If you want to read greetings you shoud set flag to unchecked.
  • advertisment level you can set this value from 0% to 100%. DEfault value is 90%.

Add sample to the advertisment dictionary on this tabsheet you can add sample text of advertisment . To add of the sample you should select text and copy it to the clipboard. After that you should select command " Add sample to the advertisment dictionary ". Samply already will be In the displayed dialog box. To add this sample click "Ok. To apply new sample you should change current selected message in the message list.
Also " Add sample to the advertisment dictionary " dialog box has button " Edit dictionary ". If you click on this button then text editor ( for example notepad) will be opened with text of the dictionary. You can edit dictionary. But you should remember what yours changes will be has effect in one way: when Explorer for Outlook Express starting. When notepad will be opened with dictionary close all windows of the Explorer for Outlook Express . Restart the program after made changes will be saved.

" Skins " command show dialog box where you can select skin. The Explorer for Outlook Express have about 40 skins. To disable skins select first item in the drop-down listbox - " (None) ". To apply changes click "Ok".

" Language " you can change language on this tabsheet. To Change language you should change file. Also this tabsheet have " Auto detect russian charsets " checkbox. If you have messages on russian language check this flag otherwise uncheck this flag. This flag solves problems with russian email charsets for example koi8-r and windows-1251. ] For more information about problem with russian charsets see page on russian language.

Note: Microsoft® Outlook® Express is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Explorer for Outlook Express is a product of Yarrowsoft company and is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. Yarrowsoft company is independent from Microsoft Corporation and not affiliated with Microsoft in any manner.