The following file formats are supported by Speaking Mailer:

  • eml, msg - message file;
  • dbx - Outlook Express message folder;
  • mbx, mbox - Unix mailbox.

You can convert E-mail messages among these formats. For Example you can export messages from any Outlook Express folder to the .eml files or unix mailbox file. You can work with Outlook Express E-mail messages files (*.dbx) if these files Will be not in Email folder structure, for example in the backup copy.

One of the most remarkable FEATURES of our MAIL utility is ability TO convert MESSAGES BETWEEN different formats. It is easy: select messages and drag to destination windows or copy to clipboard. If you drag or copy through clipboard to the Windows explorer Then there will be messages converting to the separate .eml files which you can view and edit in any e-mail client including Speaking Mailer. The Speaking Mailer have powerful feature: ability to display files *.eml *.msg as messages as though they were in the e-mail client! This feature is absent in others a mailer in the world! If you met this feature already somewhere please contact us We will present to you free registration Speaking Mailer.
You can drag &drop and copy through clipboard messages among windows of Speaking Mailer and exploer. To converting to *.eml files it is not necessary to use Windows explorer and it is more convenient to use one more window of theSpeaking Mailer. Let's consider a typical case of messages converting from Outlook Express folders. When you have started Speaking Mailer first time that by default the window with folders and messages Outlook Express will open. If it no that select menu "View> Messages source" Select "Outlook Express" in dialog box. Further open new window of the Speaking Mailer. For it select menu "File>New>Browse". New window of Speaking Mailer will be a copy of the previous window. Further select menu "View>Messages source". Select "files of E-mail messages (*.eml or *.msg)" in dialog box. Now we have two windows of Speaking Mailer: Outlook Express and *.eml files. You can drag or copy through clipboard messages from Outlook Express to the *.eml files on disk;
We did not realize modifying of messages and Outlook Express folders structure specially because we are not Microsoft corporation and we are not going to modify Outlook Express. We have created and develop Speaking Mailer and it is pleasant to us. We want to what you have influence on development Speaking Mailer. Please Inform us about your wishes or problems. Remember we want to know your opinion about our products very interesting and we are always glad to dialogue, please write to us
Way of converting to Unix mbox files is Similarly. Ideology of the Speaking Mailer is those that if you have opened two and more windows Speaking Mailer you can free move messages among windows. Exception makes Outlook Express from which you can take messages but cannot modify messages and folders. For this purpose simply start Outlook Express and do what you want. We have made so on safety requirements to data integrity. Folders and messages Outlook Express Will not be lost and your correspondence remain in safety if you using Speaking Mailer

Note: Microsoft® Outlook® Express is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Converter for Outlook Express is a product of Yarrowsoft company and is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. Yarrowsoft company is independent from Microsoft Corporation and not affiliated with Microsoft in any manner.