One of powerful feature is Ability to display the messages saved in separate .eml files as though they were in E-mail client folders. The most valuable correspondence needs to be saved in separate *.eml files: it is Reliable way of messages storage. Only one way was existing to view of message contents Without Speaking Mailer: you should click for every message to open it in default mail client such as Outlook Express. Now it is not necessary with Speaking Mailer. Mailer looking for *.eml files in the current folder and fast loading messages files: tens thousands messages in one folder do not reduce productivity. Messages files are displayed as the classic messages list immediately like a mail folder. If some *.eml files will be changed on disk the mailer will be load it again. If folder with messages will be shared in network then network users can simultaneously work with the same correspondence! We count such way of storage of messages database very effective and convenient. Disappears set of problems with sharing and synchronization e-mail database. It becomes easier to make archival copies of correspondence and the subsequent access to it.
This feature is absent in others a mailer in the world! If you met this feature already somewhere please contact us We will present to you free registration Speaking Mailer.
On the basis of this feature (to operate messages in *.eml files) we plan further our development - the full-function e-mail client. If you hhave any questions please Inform us about it . With the best regards, Yarrowsoft developers.

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