You can select which message fields should be spoken. For "From" and "To" fields you can choose the following pronunciation modes :

  • No speak - то есть игнорировать, удобно когда письма от одного автора, например рассылки
  • Only real name without email address -
  • Full - real name with email address

Message Subject can be speaking in the following modes :

  • No speak - it is convenient when the subject has not changing
  • Always - speak every message subject
  • When has been changed only

"Date" field can have two mode: speak or not speak. It is convenient to not speak "date" field.
Sometimes necessary to include "message number" conveniently when you listen to your mail on portable mp3 players (for example on mobile phone). It is necessary to be guided in the messages list when you can not access to computer with real messages.