Outlook Express can't remind absolutly. If you need reminder about unreceived or not answered messages you should use Reminder for Outlook Express. Now with Reminder for Outlook Express you safe from serious trouble of Outlook Express and have powerful tool for organise messages. Reminder for Outlook Express have simple and easy to use interface wich do not require special education from you. This is very important bbecause if you already tested Microsoft Outlook from MS Office package, then possible you have problems with MS Outlook. With Reminder for Outlook Express you do need to use MS Outlook for using reminder.

Product not available to download because it still in betta test stade.

Help menu contains commands:
"Help" command opens internet page at address: http://yarrowsoft.com/reminderoutlook/. Where you can get help documentation for Reminder for Outlook Express.
Website command opens internet page at address: http://yarrowsoft.com/. Where you can get more information about Reminder for Outlook Express and another products of Yarrowsoft.
Send E-Mail to support command opens new window with message editor. Please send your message to us.
Registrate command show dialog box where you must enter your registration information. Registration information you recivied after buy. If registration data is valid then 30 days limit will be canceled. Also if you already registered Reminder for Outlook Express Register command will be disabled. To purchase visit buy page.
About command show dialog box with information about programm version and registration name. If Reminder for Outlook Express not registered then show days remaining on you 30-days evaluation.
Download contains submenus with Yarrowsoft products. Select menu with product to download newest version of selected product.

Note: Microsoft® Outlook® Express is either a registered trademark or a trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. Reminder for Outlook Express is a product of Yarrowsoft company and is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. Yarrowsoft company is independent from Microsoft Corporation and not affiliated with Microsoft in any manner.