"Speak" menu has following functions:

Command "Speech engines" can help to You select speech engines and speech parameters such as: speed, pitch . Speaking Explorer for Outlook Express can use all SPEECH ENGINES. For example to using speech synthesizers version 4 you should be install Microsoft Speech API 4.0 (825K):
You can free download many freeware speech synthesizers from:
For example american english: (1Mb):
or british english:
or german:

Command "Fields to speech" select which message fields should be spoken. For "From" and "To" fields you can choose the following pronunciation modes :

  • No speak
  • Only real name without email address
  • Full - real name with email address

Message Subject can be speaking in the following modes :

  • No speak - it is convenient when the subject has not changing
  • Always - speak every message subject
  • When has been changed only

" Date " field can have two mode: speak or not speak. It is convenient to not speak "date" field.
Sometimes necessary to include "message number" when you listen to your mail on portable mp3 player (for example on mobile phone). It is necessary to be guided in the messages list when you can not access to computer with real messages.

You can choose where speech will be synthesized: to files or a voice. For it select menu "Speak>Destination". Select speech destination in dialog box.

  • default Windows device
  • mp3 files

Command " Fields to speech " specifed destination of speech. If you have selected wave or mp3 files it is necessary to you specify where generated sound files will be stored . Press button "Browse" and select the folder necessary to you for example portable usb drive. After select menu "start speak" generation of wav or mp3 files Will be started for each message in list. After it you can listen email messages on portable music player.

Command " Start speak " starting speak from current selected message to end of message list. If you has selected output to mp3 files then wil be generated mp3 files with tracking current focused E-mail message in the list. After start speak following menu items are disabled: " Speech engines ", " Fields to speech ", " Destination ". Also following menu items are will be enabled: " Pause ", " Resume ". To stop speech synthesis you need click " Stop ".

Command "Pause" sStops speech synthesis. To continue speak you should execute command "Resume". The command "pause" enabled when program speaking only. If you want to stop speech you should execute command "Stop".

Command "Resume" continues the speech synthesis suspended by the command "Pause". Speech synthesis proceeds from that place with which he has been suspended. If you want to stop speech you should execute command "Stop".

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